Soakaway Installation at your property


Soakaways disperse sewage water through a hole in the ground that is designed to drain water, rather than collect it. Trojan Construction and Enivornmental Services can determine the size of the area and the amount of water that needs to be cleared to advise on a successful installation in line with the Environment Agency requirements.


Our professional team will investigate the site and ensure it meets British Water Rules for discharging sewage effluent to ground before commencing works. Our reliable team put customer satisfaction at the heart of their work and will operate within industry standard health and safety guidelines for a professional experience.


The team at Trojan Construction and Enviornmental Services are fully skilled in soakaway installations and will complete works on time and to an exceptionally high standard meaning your soakaway will need minimal maintenance going forward.


Whether your soakaway is for rainwater or drain water, domestic or commercial property you can contact Trojan with any questions.

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Need soakaway testing or soakaway repair in West Sussex?

Choose Trojan Construction and Environmental Services to professionally install a Soakaway on your property in the West Sussex area. For your peace of mind we ensure that all of our work is delivered to the highest standards including:


•Professional advice on the type of soakaway solution best suited to you.


•Contact with local regulations to obtain necessary permissions


•Top quality materials for long lasting works


•Relaible service suited to your schedule


•Compliance with all UK Government legislation and guidelines


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Trojan Construction and Environmental services can also complete soakaway testing before completing any soakwaay repairs at your property.

It is part of our customer service policy to visit your site and answer any questions you may have. We offer a completely free quote with no hidden costs prior to commencing works.


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Soakaway Installation, testing and repair from Trojan Construction and Environmental Services in West Sussex


Soakaway installation in West Sussex from Trojan Construction and Environmental Services.

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