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A soakaway allows liquid waste to filter out of drainage systems and into the surrounding soil. They are used to distribute either rain water or effluent via perforated pipes or soakaway crates. The time taken for discharge depends on the size and shape of the soakaway, the volume of waste entering it and the surrounding soil's ability to absorb water. A soakaway can be subjected to a number of factors that can inhibit its productivity, for example roots growing into the system and silt or solids entering from the septic tank or guttering. It is therefore extremely important that soakaway systems and septic tanks are regularly serviced and maintained.

Foul water and surface water soak-aways can be cleaned with High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) accompanied by vacuum extraction of the waste removed to prevent it returning to the soak-away. Our jet vac tankers can do this at the same time as emptying your septic tank or surface water catch pit and will ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

Trojan Construction and Environmental Services offer a percolation testing service in order to establish if the ground where your soakaway is, or you plan to install one has the required rate of drainage as per the Environmental Agency’s guidelines.


We can also install or replace soakaways having calculated the correct size from the results of the percolation test.


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