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Gully cleaning is a specialist job that requires experience and expertise to be carried out safely and hygienically, without causing damage to the gully or drain.


Trojan Construction and Environmental Services has a wealth of experience and all of our staff are fully trained in health and safety regulations and guidelines to ensure your gullies are not blocked, and are regularly cleaned and maintained, using our modern equipment.

A gully is a ground level drain specifically designed to discharge water. They have a concrete pot underground with a visible iron grid for access. Leaves, soil and general rubbish can get into and block the gully, drains and pipes to the main sewers


Gully cleansing and emptying thoroughly and professionally is the only solution, Trojan Construction and Environmental Services offer a reliable gully cleaning service across West Sussex.


Most gullies are designed to stop smells coming back up from the pipes, but in hot weather, they can dry and allow the smells to escape. Our team can professionally water the gully and stop this unpleasant issue. Call us today if you would like a quote on gully cleaning.

Gully cleaning, maintenance & emptying, in West Sussex from Trojan Construction and Environmental Services

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