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Confined space entry


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‘Confined Space’ is a term relating to any substantially enclosed area housing drainage. This can include tanks, enclosed drains, sewer systems and manhole chambers. Only trained engineers with certified safety equipment should attempt confined space drain work, as the risk of serious injury (or even death) from the dangerous conditions or hazardous substances needs to be properly assessed before commencing.  


Trojan Construction and Environmental Services, West Sussex, have the necessary skills to undertake confined space work in line with health and safety work regulations and we’re fully equipped with certified harnesses, safety tripods and winches, gas detectors and escape equipment to safely operate in a confined space environment.


Our team will identify any potential hazards present by carrying out a risk assessment to determine the appropriate precautions to take and the safest method to complete the task.


We regularly work with commercial properties and land owners who have a wide variety of drainage needs and we pride ourselves on a quick resolution undertaken by friendly professionals.

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