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Trojan Construction and Environmental Services, West Sussex, use CCTV as a matter of course for most of the drainage work we undertake as it allows us to ensure the work has been completed to the highest possible standard. We are then able to offer a guarantee as we know there is nothing that should cause you further problems. If issues are identified, we are then able to explain your options and recommend a repair that will get you back on track.

Our CCTV and Surveying equipment are able to inspect and trace your drains to enable us to provide you with detailed evidence of damage or faults as well as a drainage plan for future reference. Early identification of faults can prevent costly and inconvenient failures of the system. CCTV Drain Survey Reports are often a requirement in industry, especially food establishments, to ensure effective and safe operation.

Trojan Construction and Environmental Services carry out Pre-adoption Surveys for the likes of building developers and local authorities as drains are out of the reach of Building Surveyors. Our clients are provided with a full colour DVD of the footage and a comprehensive WinCan report highlighting any issues found and recommendations for remedial work as well as a full drain plan.

Pre-purchase surveys

Often required by mortgage lenders and for buyers and sellers peace of mind. Pre-purchase surveys provide an in depth evaluation of the properties drains and allow you to make decisions regarding the home or business prior to making a commitment. These are just as important, regardless of the age of the property, and avoid you unwittingly becoming responsible for pre-existing problems. Contact Us for more information.

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