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By guest, Dec 14 2015 11:25AM

5 tips to prevent costly emergency call-outs for blocked drains in your premises.

Blocked drains in commercial kitchens are caused by grease, fats and oils being tipped down the sink and into the drainage system. Unlike water waste; fats, grease and oil cling to the sides of the drains and begin to build up over time causing blockages throughout your drainage system.

The blockage continues to build until water can no longer pass through and the sink fills with an unhygienic collection of stale water which renders the sink useless and provides a breeding ground for bacteria and contamination.

So how do you prevent blocked drains in your commercial kitchen?

1. The obvious one is don’t tip fat, oil and grease waste down the sink. However, this is often unavoidable. In a commercial kitchen you are required by law to dispose of food waste including fats and oils as quickly as possible to avoid contamination, and as chefs are so busy the drains will likely be the least priority.

2. Flush it through with lots of boiling hot water. While not ideal from an environmental perspective and a costly solution long term, it will prevent most of the substances collecting in the drainage system.

3. Get your drains professionally flushed through regularly. An annual drain jetting uses a high power jet to remove the build-up of fats and grease throughout your drainage system. For more stubborn build-ups or flooding some drain specialists have jet-vac vans which can pump waste away from the drain at the same time as jetting the drain clear. Discover More.

4. Use CCTV to inspect the state of your drains to pre-empt any potential problem areas. It may be that the lining is damaged or joints mis-aligned which is the true reasons behind regular blockages. In some instances drain repair work can be covered under buildings insurance. Gain free advice from the specialists at Trojan Cleansing about free CCTS surveys and insurance guidance. Discover More.

5. Installing a grease trap at in your premises ensures no more oil, grease or fats are tipped down your sinks to clog and collect in your drainage system. This simple and cost effective solution prevents the need for costly emergency call-outs and inconvenience of blocked drains in your commercial kitchen. Grease trap installation and emptying at fixed and affordable prices. Discover More.

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